Milk Replacer

Features and Benefits

    • High-quality formulas that are consistent over time.
    • Exclusive Magic Crystals® technology produces milk replacer that mixes effortlessly and stays in suspension.
    • Fortified with 26 essential vitamins and minerals.
    • Readily absorbed organic Selenium, plus supplemental B-complex and C vitamins support a strong immune system.
    • Detailed calf management recommendations on every bag.
    • All formulas packaged in 50 lbs. full color printed bags.

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All-Milk 20-20 AM OTC

CFD No. 2500101
PI Code 01-9141-0150

All-Milk 20-20 AM NM MOS

CFD No. 2500062
PI Code 01-9151-0150

All-Milk 20-20 AM Bov

CFD No. 2500133
PI Code 01-9143-0150

All-Milk 20-20 AM DX

CFD No. 2500129
PI Code 01-9144-0150


High-Performance 22-20 AM NM MOS

CFD No. 2500151
PI Code 01-9152-0150

High-Performance 26-20 AM NM MOS

CFD No. 2500155
PI Code 01-9153-0150

High-Performance 22-20 APL NM

CFD No. 2500152
PI Code 01-9147-0150


High-Value 21-20 SPC NM MOS

CFD No. 2500112
PI Code 01-9154-0150